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Honda Marine BF115 115DK1XC Outboard Engine

  • Hersteller: Honda
  • Model oder Typ: BF115 115DK1XC
  • Baujahr: 2021
  • Leistung in PS: 115
  • Zustand: neu
  • Strasse: Jl. Muara Baru Ujung Blok F No.880
  • PLZ: 10115
  • Stadt: berlin
  • Bundesland: Berlin
  • Land: Deutschland
  • Webseite:
  • Gelistet: 16. Juni 2021 11:20
  • Verfällt: 145 Tage, 14 Stunden


2021 Honda Marine BF115 115DK1XC
The BF115 is a big performer. Thanks to its Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST®)), 3-Way Cooling System and having the largest displacement in its class, it has outstanding performance. Plus, its high output alternator gives you an exceptional level of amps and the NMEA 2000 protocol allows engine data to be connected with onboard systems.

The BF115 does not come with a propeller. Please consult with your Honda Dealer for propeller application assistance.

Features may include:>

Performance and Efficiency

Stroke design, based on the Honda Accord

Based on the Honda Accord engine platform, the BF115 benefits from years of proven Honda engineering and reliability.
Dual Overhead CAM (DOHC)

A powerful, compact 16-valve DOHC design creates more valve lift to pull in more air for increased horsepower. Low-maintenance design allows easy adjustment of the rocker arms. No multiple shims or trial-and-error adjusting needed.
BLAST® System

Boosted Low Speed Torque, or BLAST®, improves acceleration at low speeds. A quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST® system, advancing the ignition curve aggressively. „Hole Shot“ is vastly improved as more horsepower gets the hull up on plane quicker.
Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI®)

Programmed Fuel Injection delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder. The result is easy starts and instant throttle response with superior fuel efficiency.
Lean Burn Control®

Lean Burn Control® increases fuel efficiency by allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel mixture. At cruising speed, this engine runs on up to 19% less fuel* than its predecessor.
Largest Displacement Engine

At 2354 cc (144 cubic inches), the BF115 has 21% more displacement than any competitor in it’s class. The long-stroke design increases torque to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.
Reliability and Durability

3-Way Cooling System

Three separate cooling systems keep the cylinder heads running cooler for long-term durability.
Engine Alert System

Uses visual, audio and rpm reduction circuits to alert the operator of overheating, low oil PSI, over-revving, water in fuel, battery condition, and critical engine functions.
Four-Front Corrosion Protection

A patented, „Double Sealed“ multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with waterproof connectors and painted interior cooling passages, all enhance corrosion protection.
Fresh Water Flushport

Flushes debris and saltwater out of the engine, extending the life of the outboard.
Convenience and Ease of Use

NMEA 2000 Protocols

NMEA 2000 protocols allow engine data to be interfaced with on-board systems and systems displays, such as sonar or GPS.
High-Output Charging

The system develops 55 total amps, which after self consumption, delivers 40 “charging” amps. 30 amps at 1000 rpm and 40 amps above 2000 rpm.
Variable Speed Trolling

Another great advantage for fisherman is the 115’s optional push-button variable speed trolling control. Simply push up or down in 50 rpm increments from 650 rpm to 900 rpm.
Easy Maintenance

An easy „screw-type“ valve adjuster system requires no shims and reduces maintenance costs. Front-mounted oil filter and oil filler make for easy maintenance.

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